Entrepreneur’s Diary #107 – Twenty Hours of Continuing Education During your Leisure Time?

craftsmanshipIn 2013,we at InterFace AG had a beautiful “Technological IF Forum”. It was about “Software Craftsmanship”. We had great guests and competent speakers. The discussions were about questions such as: So how do you become a champion? How to get the necessary experience? How can you get motivated towards perfection? How to best achieve optimality and quality in a team?

One comment in this workshop, in particular, remains unforgotten: at the time, Bernhard Findeiss related (perhaps he also meant it a little provocatively) that a good “craftsman” who wants to become a real champion in his field will have to invest up to 20 hours  for his continuing education. And that usually this will not be possible during working hours. Instead, a significant part of your leisure time will have to be sacrificed for it.

Initially, I was surprised to hear the number. I had to think of how many people strictly divide their time between leisure and work. And I remembered quite a few discussions I had with my colleagues. For instance about how much of the time you spend on your continuing education program can be considered official work time. Consequently, I did a lot of thinking on the topic during the last two years. On the one hand, you certainly need twenty hours each week for practicing and learning if you strive towards championship.

I totally agree. On the other hand, you still need plenty of time in order to work towards success. And then, you also want enough time for your family and private affairs. And I think it can be done. Many of my friends – experts, managers and entrepreneurs, both male and female – live and love their jobs. They are true “champions” and basically spend all their time tackling topics they consider important. And still they are good spouses and mothers/fathers.

I am now a “retiree”. And still, I learn and practice twenty hours each week. Except, I doubt if I am a champion. But I will continue practicing …

(Translated by EG)

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