Richard GutjahrRichard Gutjahr (in Twitter: @gutjahr) calls himself a journalist and blogger who is often ahead of the times.

I discovered him “online” rather early. (Unfortunately,) He often says what I feel.

The current post at gutjahrs blog is titled:

Why don’t you cypher? (Verschlüssel’ doch!)

This article motivated me to write a comment. For reasons of laziness, however, I only posted it at facebook, which basically was a bad idea. So here you get my ideas once more, including some revised notes:

We delegated the right to exercise legislative power to the state. Consequently it is the state that has a power monopoly. That is wise, but also dangerous. It gives the state immense power. If the state turns “evil” or “bad”, (which can happen any time and happens all the time), it will become our worst threat. Consequently, the “state” must be transparent and subjected to control by the citizens at all times in all (!) dimensions!

The same must be also demanded of data security. Because if the state is not a hundred per cent transparent for the citizens, doors for abuse are wide open. I cannot think of any (!) area where a federal transparency might be detrimental for the common good in a transparent society. This includes reservations with respect to safety and other often construed aspects. Paranoia will always cause more harm than good!

Consequently, the transparent society is a necessary condition for a successful “digital” society. Because a state can only be truly transparent in a transparent society. That means that “FRONTIER LAND” will need transparency as a central value on top of tolerance and respect. So we must work towards a social consensus where we call for a free, open and transparent society! That is actually what our political powers should aim at.

It is just ridiculous to call for better data security. Laws protecting data have ZERO use, but they cause a huge amount of blind work.

And you should never forget: the state holds the legislative power. And we are just witnessing how even a “still good” nation will create or change its laws as it likes or as it is useful. Not to mention an evil nation.

Let me also add that I warmly recommend you reading the gutjahrs blog!

(Translated by EG)

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