Data and Money – Clouds and Cloud

Clouds are obscuring the sky or we are all inside the cloud.

Clouds are mystical objects. Regardless of the fact that they provide us with rain and thus water, they are commonly regarded more negatively than positively. Dark clouds obscure the sun of life. Well, that does not sound nice, does it?

There was a book and a film about the cloud. The title was just The Cloud. In it, you could read about an apocalypse that was not at all nice.

Now we have the huge cloud alarm. IT goes Cloud! And along with it, our data. And that is where matters get controversial. They use cyphering and hurrah data security.

Then I remember that there are also totally different kinds of Clouds. For example the “money cloud”. If I deposit my money in the stocking or even pack it into the pillow, people will give me benign smiles. I have to take it to the bank. Banks are also some kind of cloud, aren’t they?

Except – they use my money for something or other. They might be financing something very evil somewhere in the global world with my money. And, of course, I get less interest because the money is worth less. And once in a while, but definitely at some time, all the money will be gone. At least that is the lesson history teaches us.

But even when I went to school, I learned that I have to carry the change from my piggybank to the bank. They introduced the “world savings day” in order to make me less afraid of the “money cloud”. And on world savings day, the bank gave small Roland a small piggybank. It was locked with a key only the bank had access to!

I have now come to that stage where I prefer delivering my data at the Cloud, rather than keeping my money there.

Now you are going to say: but our data are a totally different affair from our money. They are personal – that is much more important.

Well, then how about we swap: you get my data and I get your money! In fact, I am happy to give you all my data for half of your money! Provided that your bank account is not negative!

(Translated by EG)

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