Christmas Wishes – A Little Different…

Here is a very special Christmas Card by Matthias Bodry.

Matthias Bodry founded Bytec in 1989. To this day, he is still its managing director. Almost 30 years ago, Matthias was one of our first (and a particularly important) HIT-CLOU customer. He became a companion of long standing in the world of Sinix&TheLike.

Each year, he sends a very spcial Christmas Card to his customers, partners and friends. In order to make you see its originality, I wrote it down verbatim for you..

Looking at current events, Christmas seems

to be pushed a little into the background.
But perhaps it is only  
of the inflation in Christmassy products.

Shortly after the summer vacation, ginger bread is sold

and all the year round, politics supply us
a huge number of Father Christmasses.
In due form, we Germans see to it
that equal rights 
are given to all.
We send a Mother Christmas.

Or is it more like an Easter Bunny?
Looking at the zig-zag course 
we have had,
one might easily imagine it.

But Bunnies have long legs
and a dynamical 
aura. Consequently,
what we see can only be Mother Christmas.
Even her figure can easily match 
of any Father Christmas.
Business managers, too, see themselves confronted

with totally new challenges. With money transactions,
the chance 
to go bankrupt
is no longer restricted to the enterprise.

Now banks and states push themselves forward.

In the future, an obituary for an enterprise might well read:

“They managed perfectly -

but went bankrupt collectively, along with the state”.
Christmas is the time of joy.

Mathias Bodry
Managing Director

Dear Matthias, I admire your civil courage and your brave attitude towards constructive disobedience. I wish there were more entrepreneurs like you!


Here is the Christmas Greeting Matthias sent us in 2010.

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