Cancelled: #AktMobCmp 2017 will not happen!

actmobcmp_100-300x86#AktMobCmp 2017 – which was scheduled for January, 5th and 6th, 2017, in Unterhaching – has been cancelled. The reasons are:

In 2016, we had almost 30 participants. Regardless of this number being a little on the small side, the last #AktMobCmp was a success. We had hoped to get around 50 participants in 2017.

The reason why we now cancel is simple: so far, the number of registrations is so small that we would have to assume a total of fewer participants than last year. And a two-day barcamp with few participants simply does not justify the rather intense preparatory work.

However, the cancellation for 2017 does not mean that I or we give up or quit. I would really like to try again in 2018. As before, there is the necessity that persons who want to promote a better mobility should network through institutions, clubs and interest groups. And there are so many exciting topics around “future mobility”.

In 2017, we want to discuss these topics, along with “active mobility in everyday life” in evening meetings. We already have good ideas and want to put them into practice with some partners.

Auf viele gute AktMob-Veranstaltungen in 2017
Auf viele gute AktMob-Veranstaltungen in 2017

May there be many good ActMob events in 2017!

We will invite to the events through the central “MeetUp“ and also communicate them through other channels. Maybe this is how we will get enough participants for a second try on the 2017 AktMobCmp. After all, it is quite possible that the lack of more interested persons is due to the timing (vacation time and holiday).

All those who would have liked to attend AktMobCmp 2017 in Unterhaching, please accept my apologies. And, please, let it be an extra motivation for you to come and support us during the evening events in 2017.

(Translated by EG)

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