brand eins in October

Last week, the new “brand eins“ arrived at my home. On the title page, you see a matchstick man – minus nose, mouth and eyes. Instead, a few letters are written on its face. As it is, it cannot grin at me. Still, it looks quite amusing.

It literally has a message written into its face:


Here is what I think:

“WHAT” is it you want more of?

More money, more power, more sex? Or just more peace and sleep? Or more growth?
Then I continue reading. At the bottom of the this time simply black-and-white cover – except the green letters brand eins – there is a red line saying:

Looking for the Meaning

Immediately, I get curious again. Is that meant as an instigation to “simplify your life” and do without all the things you do not really need? Is it a plea to stand against the growth mania and instead concentrate on the pursuit of those things in life that really make sense? And then maybe propagate recess as an alternative to growth?

Well, it is not something you consider possible. After all, a business magazine cannot ruin the economy, can it?
On the other hand, one can also ask for meaning. For instance by finding out what is hidden at the bottom of the beer mug on the “Wiesn”.

My curiosity is aroused, so I open the October edition at Oktoberfest time.
The foreword by Frau Fischer starts with Carpe Diem. Seize the day.

Does that mean I should now really stop working and visit the Wiesn? Of course not. Being a soccer fan, the first thing that catches my eye is the Borussia Dortmund balance sheet. Basically, an enterprise should make sense. And still they are having a HARD TIME.
I particularly like the SELF-DETERMINATION article. It says that orientation is the core competence of the 21st century. And the question is asked: where will we end up if everyone goes their own way.

Well, I think I will, again, go my own way.

And there is no doubt that I will remain self-dependent. Even if it means that I have to work myself and people will always  depend on me.

Of course, you cannot do justice to the ”brand eins“ by just being witty. All I can say is: go and get it. Or, if you still need something to whet your appetite, why don’t you take a look at the online Index of contents?

Now I will go and visit the Wiesn. I leave the magazine at home, lest it gets soiled by a roast chicken.

(Translated by EG)

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