BMW, Enter Michael Schumacher …

BMW-IsettaYesterday, BMW announced that they want to terminate their Formel-1 participation at the end of this season. As I see it, that is a terribly prudent, forwards-looking, and also very brave decision..

I bow my head to the managing director of BMW AG Norbert Reithofer and his team! Incidentally, BMW is following the example of Honda.

The more I am disappointed about some of what the media write about it.

For example, yesterday evening, when I listened to the “Tagesgespräch” on the Bavarian Radio Channel 2, I heard just about the most stupid comment ever. You can read it on the page Radiowelt-Seite next to the interview with Niki Lauda (click on comment).

Maybe the two reports on Daimler and Porsche about billions of balance losses fit into the picture, as well. This gives me the impression that BMW eventually finds its way back to “old middle-sized business virtues“. That would be great news.

However, another really big person in the sector announced his comeback: Michael Schumacher.

This, too, is something I admire. There is hardly anything Michael Schumacher has not achieved – and now he begins again from scratch and prepares for a comeback in Formel-1. Almost three years after his farewell, he will participate as part of the Ferrari team at the Great Tournament of Europe in Valencia.

Yet, there is something I do not understand about this. At the age of 40, you would think it is about time to be a little more quiet and wise, and to look beyond the edge of your own plate, called motor sports.

Well, I will not judge and I hope all will be well.

(Translated by EG)


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