Basically, It Is Quite Easy, Isn’t It ? …

… Being Happy!
An evening at leisure after a long day. The next morning will come, anyway. I will wake up around 6.30 a.m. – And at 8.15 a.m., I will leave the house and start my way by bike to the important meeting at ten o’ clock.

So here I am sitting shortly before going to sleep and planning to absolutely enjoy this one hour and 45 minutes at home tomorrow morning. And I can go to sleep with a satisfied smile on my face.

It happens as it was planned. This is a beautiful morning. Because that is how I wanted it. Consequently, on departure, I already look forward to the more than 1.5 hours on my bike that lie ahead. I am totally aware of what I want and will do.

The weather is fine – which is another reason to be happy! Yet I know that I would enjoy the ride just as much if it rained. It is nice to ride a bike.

I arrive at my destination and meet my colleagues. It is an important meeting. I will do all I can towards making it a good meeting. So we can all be content when we return. And continue to have success on our sides. That is my firm desire. Otherwise, nothing I am doing would make sense!

And thus the day continues …

This is how I will live! Hour after hour, I will live my life in this way. Because I love myself. Consequently, I want to do well by me. I always look forward to the next hour. It is my firm desire to make good use of time and achieve what is best. Both for myself and the persons around me. I decide that nothing and nobody will disturb me in the future.

It sounds rather hazardous, doesn’t it? But I manage to make it work better each day. In fact, I think it is some small miracle…

Why don’t you try it yourself? Always look forward to the next hour and your next activity! Enjoy time and how you spend it! Try it – start now!

You will see: it actually works.

(Translated by EG)

I really surprised myself with how I managed to do it. As I see it, my teacher and friend  Rupert set the groundwork and Nadja gave me the final push (Schubs). And many of my friends also helped. But finally, it was me who did it. It wasn’t easy. But it is worth the effort!

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