Another Debut Performance in the Torturmtheater!

And the piece was rehearsed at Unterhaching in the InterFace building!

Torturmtheater-Sommerhausen_Auquarell_SpielplanThis year, the Torturmtheater will be forty years old. The very first performance they give in this jubilee-season is going to be one that was rehearsed in Unterhaching. It makes me very happy to say so. The Torturmtheater has now finished some of its productions after intense work at the Unterhaching InterFace AG building for some years. The reason is obvious: most of the active members of the drama group often reside in the Munich area and it is quite hard to find appropriate rooms for rehearsals in Munich. The performances are always in the traditional Sommerhausen Torturm.

If you remember: in 1976, after the death of Luigi Malipiero, Veit Relin re-opened this very small and yet so wonderful theatre in Sommerhausen (very close to Würzburg), establishing its reputation beyond the region through premiere and first performances of a high standard and with exceptional playlists.

The 2016 season at the Torturmtheater will be a German debut performance:

A pornographic relationship by Philippe Blasband. The German debut will be on Wednesday, March, 30th, at 8 p.m. Under the directorship of the inimitable Eos Schopohl, the characters will be played by Zhanna Kalantay and Murali Perumal. As always, the responsibility for the choice of play, the accessories and much more is with Angelika Relin.

Love is a strange game. Yes, they loved each other. Regardless of the fact that, initially, they only wanted the fulfilment of their lust and preferences – she had put the advertisement in the classified section. They know nothing about each other; nameless, they are protected by anonymity. That is also true for protection against each other. The uncomfortable everyday-life details are absent, which gives them freedom. But soon they find out that they love each other. In fact, it might turn out to be the love of their lives …

At the decisive moment, however, they lack the courage. Eventually, all that is left to them is the bitter-sweet memory of a chance gone by and, above all, the memory of a passionate love.

With this story of a couple who did not want to be a couple, Philippe Blasband successfully created a wise and erotic intimate play full of sensitive comic elements.

Here is what Angelika Relin writes in her pre-view of the year 2016:

We will start in the spring, on March, 30th, with a German debut performance – A Pornographic Relationship! It is a melancholic love story, not devoid of comic elements, certainly intense … 
(See what I wrote above).

Later, we will try to fathom the very normal mania of our consumer society today and put it in a nutshell. The very title: If I did it in another way I would probably not always think of the money involved is so highly scurrile that you absolutely have to become curious. It is an evening you do not wish to miss under any circumstances – shrill, bizarre and endlessly comical, even if the strange everyday-life truths themselves basically create sad clowns.

The summer can actually be said to point directly to the Achilles Heel of our democracy that puts a rift through the middle of our society – and the same is true for our protagonists on stage: those two couples representing the middle classes and getting closer to each other as neighbours in jealous cordiality. When, one night, Barbara gives asylum to a refugee, the prosperity anxieties and the fascination with the unknown clash unhindered in this bitter-evil farce. All the parties concerned drown in the ups and downs of faked humanity with raven-black humour. We are not barbarians is the message they have to accept, even if their laughter gets stuck in their throats.

In the autumn, The Farewell Dinner will upset your diaphragm by trying to set the idea of friendship ad absurdum with its perfidious morals. But, as so often in life, everything will turn out differently …

Well, so far the message of the year 2016 by Angelika Relin. Click here for the playing schedule (Spielplan)!

As has been my habit for many years, I will go and see all the four performances in 2016 whenever possible. This is not only because it is very great theatre, but also because it is a chance for Barbara and me to make very nice trips to Sommerhausen. Unfortunately, I cannot see the premiere performance of “the pornographic relationship”, because I will still be in China at the time. But I already bought two tickets for the performance on April, 16th. And it would make me happy to see some faces I know!

(Translated by EG)

If you want to go to Sommerhausen, the best thing to do is take the regional express train to Winterhausen, which is right on the opposite side of the river Main. From the Winterhausen railway station, you walk across the Main Bridge to the theatre, which is about one kilometre. You will want to exit the train at the rear end if it is headed towards Würzburg.

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