AGORA – The Partners (5)

What partners does IF AGORA have and look for?

IF AGORA needs brain workers for the market place, the network and the realization of projects. Our partners in organization support us with our events.

We would wish to have freelance individuals, enterprises, institutions and universities as our partners.

Brain Workers
We would like to encourage people with special experience to cooperate with us. Typically, the persons we would like to recruit are active and former entrepreneurs and leaders. Basically, we are looking for people who have special expertise. We also welcome successful trainers around the fields of communication, body language or similar areas. There might be totally different knowledge, too, for instance about other cultures and the like.

  • Enterprises
    Of course, we would enjoy cooperating with enterprises that offer knowledge which fits into our market place. As a general rule, we are talking smaller and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Institutions
    For us, scientific institutions and their employees are especially important partners. Some good examples are the “Max-Planck-Gesellschaft” or the “Fraunhofer”, as well as all other institutions concerned with scientific research.
  • Universities
    We expect a particularly high presence of the universities and their institutes on our market place and in the networks. We already have good connections as it is and we are assuming that exciting knowledge will be offered on our market place by prominent chairs of German, Swiss and Dutch universities.

What our brain workers offer must not be inimical or manipulative. It must be free of esoteric, religious and political motives. We are looking for institutions and persons who share our values, both openly and without saying so: the belief in an enlightened society where human dignity, respect for life, sustainability and tolerance are promoted. They should also be prepared to combine empirism with creativity and innovation.

All experts of the IF AGORA network have to have both a high technological and a relevant social competence. That is why, whenever someone wants to be our new partner, we wish to see a reference by a person already known to the network.

Even in the first stage, the processing of a knowledge advertisement is quite simple. All you have to do is fill in a form and send it. The rest will be done by IF AGORA.

Partners in organization:

When organizing events, we also want to cooperate with partners:

  • Event organizationWe have partners who plan and coach events professionally.
    They provide the conferences with IT, organize the peripherals, look after the persons attending the conference and do the quality control.
  • Travel agency
    In order to facilitate your travelling, we will also cooperate with an external partner.
  • Hotels and such
    Seminars can be held at special places (the Zugspitze, a tent, the desert).
  • Event agencies
    Some seminars render particularly good results in a unique environment or in combination with, for example “Team Building Measures”.
  • Video/photography
    If you desire a lasting documentation, we can integrate it in our offer.

Our partners in organization are characterized by reliability, the typical flexibility of a medium-sized enterprise and high efficiency due to simple structures. As a team, we work together on eye-level and can thus supply you with complete packages.

(Translated by EG)

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