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As the New Year starts, I start a new project, the


What is the business idea behind IF-AGORA?

The IF-AGORA GmbH is an enterprise affiliated to the InterFace group. Early in January, we will start realizing a market place for knowledge and brain-workers.

Most of us earn their living as brain-workers. We offer our knowledge and experience, along with our competence as a service and live from it. Some of us work as university teachers or managers, entrepreneurs or leaders, coaches, trainers or counsellors. Others implement things or put them into practice.

Yet, it does not matter what exactly we do. We are brain workers who want and have to extend our knowledge all the time. We live by the experience we collected over the decades. And we have no illusions about

knowledge being the only raw material that increases as you share it.

Consequently, we want to path the way for knowledge to be easily shared!

We build a market place – of course, it will be on the internet: IF-AGORA. For several millennia, wares have been offered in exchange for other wares or money on market places all over the world. We are talking products that were reaped from fields, made by craftsmen or transported to remote countries by merchants.

Market places are the most illustrious and exciting places in the cities of this world. We want the same to be true for the IF Agora. On our market place, however, we do not offer material goods. Instead, we offer experience and knowledge!  Empirism is something special. You cannot fill it into boxes, sacks, jugs, amphorae or barrels. Even books will only be helpful to a certain extent.

Experience and knowledge is transfer in a different way: in oratories and presentations, during “lunch talks” and in conversations, through mentoring and coaching, through knowledge partnerships and “privatissimoes”.  That is what we call very private seminars for individuals or teams. The open discourse and discussions help you to obtain knowledge. Knowledge is created in events and conferences, supported by publications.

IF Agora will organize the knowledge transfer between humans and institutions. Our service includes getting into contact with potential speakers, building up partnerships and organizing conferences and seminars. We want the right kinds of people to meet and thus help getting to terms with a total novelty.

There must be no limits to your imagination. Knowledge can be transferred in all sorts of ways, both around strange settings and in singular locations. And especially the new world offers numerous methods.

Here are some examples of topics to be found on our market place:

… • Barcamp • Blog (private, corporate) • Crowd sourcing (intelligence of the masses) • Dialectics • Ethics • Enlightenment • Facebook • Flag building • Research • Leadership • Health (Work life balance) • Globalisation • Informatics • Intellectual Property (IP) • Kaizen • Kanban • Body language • Collaboration • Communication • Conference techniques • Creativity • Leadership • Management • Humans and their data (user managed access, PGP, data security) • Methods • Sustainability • New frontiers • Ecology • Open Space • Open Source • Organisation • Partner • Philosophy • Profiling • Project management • Presentation and oratory techniques • Scrum • Second Life • Self-organization • Social Media und Social Web • Strategy • Twitter • Entrepreneurship • WEB-Marketing • Change • Networks • Presentation techniques • Tools • Values • Wikipedia • Science in all its disciplines • the WWW with all its consequences for our  future • …

Of course, as in all market places, the list of topics is open and will be continually modified and extended. The only “wares” we want to exclude from our market place are those that have a mostly esoteric, religious or manipulative character, along with hostile ones or those where humans are seen exclusively as a means to an end.

Let me describe our market place as follows:

agile • biophile • decentralized • democratic • fair • integrative • cooperative • humane • partner-oriented • tolerant • future-oriented

Trust is the basis for sharing knowledge. This is how we establish a knowledge network which will bring people together based on trust: well-known and unknown, young and older brain workers. And all of them have something special to hand on to others. Their shared values include enlightenment and tolerance. Even as of now, this network is already in such a shape that I would trust myself to find a competent partner who not only knows the topic inside out, but can also put social context to it on (almost) all topics.

As a general rule, market place services are commercial. If, however, someone offers to forfeit his fee, the IF AGORA will do likewise and not charge the provided service and organization.

On top of people, you will also find institutions, such as universities and huge research establishments on our market place. They will provide you with topics such as management/leadership, innovation and creativity, as well as proposals from the world of science.

During the last few months, I was quite busy advertising IF AGORA. And I am truly surprised about the positive feedback. I already received the first agreements to participate in the market place. Both famous and young, not yet quite so famous brain workers, as well as famous institutions and universities will be part of the team.

The necessary partners for successful events, too, are already available. Selected travel agencies, special event enterprises, excellent hotels and experienced organizations already promised to do their best for us and our concept and customers. All of them are medium-sized enterprises and run by absolutely reliable persons. They cooperate at eye-level. Together, we will see to it that every individual project turns out to be a special success story.

All those cooperating in the IF AGORA have one belief in common: you have to accept responsibility and this is the only way to actively shape the future. And knowledge and education are what is needed in order to promote personal and social life in various dimensions, be it in business, cultural, social, musical or private life.

So in the end, all that remains to be said is:

With IF AGORA, I will, along with our partners who share their knowledge on our market place and our customers who buy knowledge and experience, provide an excellent network. And for all who visit our market place, I want to let the old circus motto come true:

We strive for your favour!

And as soon as we have managed to do that, we will try and explore new territory together. But that will be dealt with at a later time!

For information, call 0171 48 50 115 – I will gladly answer questions by email: contact me!

(Translated by EG)

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