Advent Calendar – December, 5th

Another 19 nights to go!

Today’s article is exclusively for people who like (Christmas) jokes! Even if they are not all that intelligent.

First the anti-feminist one:

Two blondies meet. One says to the other: “This year, Christmas is on a Friday“. Replies the other: “I hope it is not a 13th!”

Another anti-feminist one:

The most demanding job of father at Christmas: convincing the children that he is Father Christmas and at the same time making it clear to his wife that he is not.

Now a stupid one:

You are a hypocrite if you take the pill all year long and then sing the Christmas Carol: “Ihr Kinderlein kommet…”

And another stupid one:

Teacher asks student:

„“Who knows what brand of wine grows at the foot of Mount Vesuvius?” Student: “Hot Wine Punch!”

After the presents have been handed around in the family:

Wife to husband: “I do not understand you. I have been giving you checkered ties for Christmas for many years now. And all of a sudden, you no longer like them!”

And after the Christmas Holidays, back at work:

“Was there anything among your Christmas presents that made you really, really happy?” Reply: “Of course! I got a book from my boss that colleague Mueller had borrowed from me years ago!”

More often than not, Christmas is a time when unseemly behaviour is revealed:

Discussion between daughter and mother: “Mum, can angels fly?” – “Yes, my young sweety, angels can fly!” – “But Sissi cannot fly, can she?” – “No, Sissi is our Au-Pair!” – “But father calls her: ‘you sweet angel” – “In that case, she will fly through the door!”

And business acumen will not stop at Christmas, either:

“Granny, the drums I got from you were really the best of all my Christmas presents.” “Really ?”, says a delighted Granny. “Yes, I get five Euro from Mummy for each day I do not play them!”


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