2-Week-News – #22 – IF Blog Wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Successful 2010

The last year and the next year:

The IF blog is mainly for entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, our colleagues doing information technique and, of course, everybody with a critical mind. Now we have been doing it for a little more than a year. The number of people reading the IF blog increases all the time, the number of people accessing our blog site even more. I am most delighted about this and therefore wish to thank all our readers.

However, we do not restrict ourselves to reporting and commenting. We also want to draw your attention towards people who are not quite as well off as we are.

The first project we support is the one initiated by Francis Van Hoi, who wants to help children still suffering because of agent orange. During the year 2010, more partners will be added to the list. You will find all our charity projects under the new category “WHERE WE HELP”.

We also had new additions to our team of authors. One lady (Eilika Emmerich) and several gentlemen agreed to write for us, the latest among them is my dear friend Markus Seidt.

But there is also one downside:

We had 61 radio philosophy editions so far this year. Each Sunday, one was added to the list and once in a while we had a “special edition”, too. Starting now, radio philosophy will no longer appear quite as often and regularly. Instead, you will find the occasional radio philosophy. Detlev Six can no longer deliver at quite the former frequency. Still, he will continue and wishes to thank you very much for reading his articles regularly. Of course, he hopes that you will continue to read the radio philosophy once in a while.

For the upcoming year, our plans are: more management, more leadership, and more ethics, more IT, more methods and, last not least, more HELPING OTHERS.

I wish you a merry Christmas season and a successful 2010!

(Translated by EG)

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