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One day after the big elections in Baden-Württemberg und Rhineland- Palatinate. For the first time ever, there will be a Green Prime Minister in Germany. Mind you, this is after 58 years of constant CDU reign. Winfried Kretschmann gave a face to success. So it comes as no surprise that the fact causes disharmony at the “Newspaper of the People” with four letters. It even causes grief. Today, when I first clicked on their internet page, the joyful-sounding title “Greens Radiating!” almost knocked me out.

Great! At least that is what you would have to think. After all, even the “Bildzeitung” should finally have realized that the German South-West has now undergone a political dam bursting. The fact can no longer be soft-talked – as they tried to do in the “zu Guttenberg” case – , because this time the people decided and voted. That must have hit really hard for the self-appointed representatives of “The People’s Vote”, because the people did not decide as “Bild” had expected them to. Consequently, I want to see the representation of the “Bild.de” internet page as some kind of artistic piece and try to interpret it.

Grüne HoffnungWhat you see is a division into three parts on black background: in an upper segment, you read the header, in a bigger rectangle to the left “Baden-Württemberg” and in a smaller one “Rhineland-Palatine”. The words written in all three sectors are in green. In the top segment, with an aura of glamour, you see a framed “Greens Radiating”.

In the lower left sector, you see a picture of the potential winner of the elections, the Green Winfried Kretschmann with the same corona. Additionally, the picture of him is modified in such a way that he himself also seems to radiate. To the left of him, a little above and looking down on him from his own white-framed segment, you see the current, probably soon Ex-Prime-Minister Jürgen Mappus. His eyes are closed. It says in white: “CDU Mappus Blown Off”.

In the right segment, you see Herrn Beck looking down and at the upper right Reiner Brüderle with the FDP top candidate Herbert Mertin. Underneath, in a huge frame, it says “SPD Beck Fell Down”. And in the FDP frame of Rhineland-Palatine it says “FDP Off The Net”.

Due to the black background, the general mood of the picture is somehow dark. This creates a sense of grief. On all the pictures, you only see one person laughing: Winfried Kretschmann. This makes him the master over the darkness and consequently its cause. Mappus and Brüderle look down on Kretschmann and Beck from the right and left. They are smaller. They lost, but still they are basically above the Green and Red candidates.

The headers of the lower frames „Baden-Württemberg“ and „Rhineland-Palatine” are below in blurry white. They symbolize radiation. Winfried Kretschmann, too, is surrounded by this aura. The same is true for the title “Greens Radiate!” This is also the time of the great nuclear accident in Fukushima/Japan. The words used on the “Bild.de” title page already directly relate to the Super Nuclear Accident and transfer it into the political sphere. A small sentence in white above the green header says it directly: “The Nuclear Elections”. Fukushima has now turned political. It is no longer just the conservative and liberal parties blaming the Nuclear Accident in Japan for their political disaster. Now the wishes and hopes of “Bild” representatives have also been destroyed by a “Nuclear Accident”.

The happiness reflected in the faces of the Green politicians gets euphemistic. It almost looks diabolical, because they control the terror. They are the only party that can still smile. Winfried Kretschmann is stylized to be what his party tries to abolish: radioactive contamination. Germans greatest daily was struck by the Nuclear Accident, because shortly after Herr zu Guttemberg was felled, now all hopes and wishes for Baden-Württemberg have come to nothing. What is worse: for “Bild”, they become the contamination of future years.

So it does not come as a surprise that the general mood is black and that the order of the day is grief. Putting the blame for the worst environmental catastrophe of this time on the Green Prime Minister-To-Be is the desperate attempt at pinning the terror to someone who was not intended to rise and thereby denouncing them. If, however, a catastrophe that has and will cost many human lives, that will damage and contaminate the environment for years to come, is compared with a candidate who does not have the approval of “Bild” when winning elections, then this just again expresses what said daily keeps provoking each day anew in Germany with surprising brilliance:  A Super Nuclear Taste Accident.

(Translated by EG)

The article refers to Bild.de as downloaded on March, 28th, 2011 at 8.30 a.m.      
The bild.de screenshot in the first part of the articles was taken at the same time.


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