Can We Still Afford this Kind of Politics?

Von Lutz

The word democracy is derived from the Greek “demos” (the people) and “kratia” (power). So in a democracy, the power is with the people.

But what has it turned into? Do our representatives still feel compelled to govern as the people would wish them to?

Rather, it seems that our politicians act more and more in the interest of special groups, businesses and their own profit.

For instance, there is a politician who wrote a book in which he agitates against Muslim migrants. Using partly fake statistics, as he now admits himself.

Recipients of Hartz IV do not escape his criticism, either. Mind you, we are talking a man who, when he sat in the senate in 2008, had no fewer than 46 subsidiary jobs. We Germans in particular should have learned from our history how agitation against minorities can get out of hand.

It seems like agitation against Hartz-IV recipients has now turned into a famous sports among our politicians.
Is it really possible that a halfway intelligent person believes that the roughly 6.5 million people concerned are all work-shy social parasites?
Does he also know that, being part of the working population, he might – if things turn out badly – be no less than one or two years away from receiving Hartz IV himself?
Does he know that – if he “falls low enough” to turn into a Hartz IV recipient – he will have to use up all his hard-earned money up to a certain amount before he is entitled to Hartz IV?
Does he know that Hartz IV opened all the doors wide for the low-income sector, making it impossible for more and more people to earn their living by doing a full-time job?

Our federal debt is almost 1.8 billion Euros. For about 20 years, we have indebted ourselves additionally just in order to pay the interest. Regardless, banks that landed on their noses because of dubious dealings were guaranteed billions paid from our taxes. And nobody finds it embarrassing that managers still get bonuses to the tune of six digit numbers.
Risks and losses are socialized, profits are privatized.

They try to rush a longer running time for nuclear reactors through parliament. 
„That is not in accordance with my personal requirements for an appropriate legislation process” (comment by the president of the House of Representatives, Herr Lammert).
This year, the electricity concerns are likely to make a profit before taxes of around 30 billion Euros (in 2009 it was 23 billion Euros). And again they plan to raise the price of electricity. If an accident happens in the nuclear reactors that will be 50 years old by the time they are finally closed, the electricity concerns are only responsible for damage up to 2.5 billion Euros. Tschernobyl and its consequences should still be remembered by all of us.
Talking about environmental damage: our Federal Chancellor knew as early as 1996, when she held the office of Environmental Minister, that the nuclear final disposal zone at Asse was no longer up to required safety standards. After the foreseeable water leakage at Asse, it will have to be renovated during the next few years with millions of Euros paid by our taxes.

Instead of abolishing the ecological tax bonus for particularly energy intensive firms, the tobacco tax is increased. Well, the non-smokers will be delighted.    
Yet who is, again, the one who has to pay the price: Jack and Jim.
A politician resigned – and immediately afterwards became chairman of a well-known construction company.
A Federal President is elected – and he refuses until the last minute (against the law) to give up his office as Prime Minister.

As to the outrageous growth promotion law, the reader is referred to the public hearing with Prof. Dr. Lorenz Jarass.
Das Wachstumsbeschleunigungsgesetz: Who wins, who looses?

What Gives Hope

The peaceful anti-nuclear demonstration in Berlin, Stuttgart 21 (at least peaceful on one side), a gathering of rightist radicals in Velbert that was turned into a street festival by counter-demonstrators.    
Many, many articles in the internet where authors openly declare against the unfortunate situation in politics.    
Ethically oriented entrepreneurs, such as Götz Werner (DM Drogerie-Märkte), Ernst Prost (Liqui Moly), Wolfgang Grupp (Trigema) and also Roland Dürre (InterFace AG).


It is time for us to say good-bye to this purely materialistic, lobby-controlled system. I do not want to go and vote every four years and then close my eyes again. Perhaps it is a beginning if we now exchange opinions in blogs and panels – in order to finally get a direct democracy. The internet now provides us with a powerful tool with which we can look behind the scenes, so we need no longer just rely on the propaganda of some media concerns.
The latest scientific findings in epigenetic, quantum physics ( HYPERLINK “” o “Interview mit Prof. Dürr” Interview with Prof. Dürr), and fractional geometry indicate that all life on this planet is directly connected (field). So how about following this theory and living values such as love, empathy, tolerance, solidarity? It would be my wish for more and more people to make the transition from being spectators to being players.

(Translated by EG)

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