Creative Scrum Teams – Comrades-in-Arms at the University (July 2008)

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In our last article on Creative Scrum, we said we wanted to support the pre-production phase of Scrum together with our comrades-in-arms at Munich Technical University by using creative collaboration tools and scrum. At TUM, this project is located at the chair of Prof. Dr. Johann Schlichter.

The chair of Applied Informatics – Cooperative Systems specializes in problems and requirements of distributed applications. Areas of interest include communication mechanisms, architectures of distributed applications and suitable user interfaces for distributed applications. Further research focuses on context-adaptive mobile systems, social software and social networks, knowledge management, groupware, community ware, web applications/web services and multimedia in teaching.

Along the lines of these research fields, an assistant at the chair, Florian Forster, is currently writing his dissertational thesis on creative collaboration tools. In his thesis, he will try to find means and methods for implementing creative techniques in distributed collaborative situations.

Working together, we want to test these creative collaboration tools in the context of the agile software design method Scrum. We also want to find out when and how the early phases of Scrum projects can benefit from such support.

In addition, we will closely cooperate with Frau Eschbach of the press service at TUM and Herrn Dr. Marsch of the Corporate Communications Center. The entire project is also endorsed by the Vice President of TUM, Prof. Dr. Arndt Bode, and other computer science professors at TUM.

On our long way towards finding comrades-in-arms, establishing partnerships and letting teams develop, we also met the extremely agile student initiative TEG – the entrepreneurial group. This group can be found in Munich, Berlin and Vallendar. It actively provides contacts and a platform for implementing shared ideas based on one’s own initiative. The competence students get through this experience will support them on their way towards successful entrepreneurship.
TEG are financially and morally supported by successful entrepreneurs such as Beck et al. Services GmbH, McKinsey & Company Inc., Extorel Private Equity Advisers GmbH, Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, European Venture Capital Association, Vodafone Group Services GmbH, Zirngibl Langwieser Rechtsanwälte Notare.

We are impressed and enthusiastic about meeting such open people, who approach the issues in such a professional manner at TUM and TEG. We therefore very much look forward to testing the implementation of creative collaborative tools for Scrum with these comrades-in-arms.

To be continued …

(Translated by EG)

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