“The Beatles” – “Nostalgia” – “EUROVISION” ♫

“The Beatles” – “Nostalgia” – “EUROVISION” ♫

What would our youth have been without the Beatles? And the then so “new” music and whatever else came along in its wake. To this day, I envy one of my best friends, Karl Bürger, because he actually was there in the Munich “Zirkus-Krone-Bau” when they sang in 1966.

But here comes a story I only remember very vaguely. I still hope it is true. After all, it describes the general attitude of the time very well. In those days, TV arrived at our homes in black-and-white quality. The official start of colour TV on the then exclusively public-law stations was on August, 25th, 1967.

In 1967, we already had EUROVISION. For special occasions, TV stations connected or a broadcast was sent synchronously to many countries.

One very special EUROVISION broadcast of 1967, this time under the lead of BBC was named “OUR WORLD”. It was the first “world wide” live broadcast!

If I remember correctly, the individual countries of Europe introduced themselves briefly. The TV stations of the European countries were united specifically for this purpose. It was sensational – and we were all sitting in front of the TV sets.

The German contribution was a rather oily scene from “Der zerbrochne Krug” (The Broken Jug) by Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist. We all agreed that this was again typically German. The scene had been taken from the middle of the already quite complicated play and consequently the other European audience cannot have understood very much. Probably even in those early days, Germany wanted to present its own cultural orientation. It was an invitation for people to go to sleep.

And then came the contribution of big Great Britain. The curtains opened and what you heard was the world premiere of one of the central Beatles songs: All you need is love!

It was sensational! We had to think of the “Broken Jug”.

(Translated by EG)

Here is how the Beatles sang in Munich (News, June, 1966)

and the great song “All You Need Is Love”


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