Perpetual Motion ♫

Reading about and hearing of all the debt being paid for by new debt, I am reminded of the dragon that grew two new heads whenever a head was cut off his neck.

Another example that comes to mind is Baron Münchhausen. He told people that he just pulled himself up by his own braid whenever there was a real problem, thus getting both himself and his horse out of the dire situation. Baron Münchhausen, however, was called the baron of lies.

I also find it strange that our Federal Chancellor supposedly studied physics and even wrote a dissertational thesis therein. So how can she now try and build aPerpetual Motion (Perpetuum Mobile) of debts?  Shouldn’t she of all people know that this is impossible?

To make up for it, she tells stories that would suffice to make her live up to Münchhausen’s name. The rest of us, however, plummet down together into an abyss of debt and do not dare to pull the break, because we are afraid we might be given a good shaking in the process.

Somehow or other, all this cannot really be happening, can it? Now my hope is that I must be dreaming. Please, can someone pinch me?

(Translated by EG)

Wolfgang Ambros once felt like I do. So he wrote a song…

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