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With his “Kulturzwiebel”, Eberhard – Dr. Eberhard Huber, you can find more about him in projekt-(B)LOG – motivated me to look for my personal hero. I already wrote about it in an IF blog article.

This morning, as I listened to the radio (Sonntagsbeilage, Bayern2), I once more heard the anti-war song “Le déserteur – Mr. Le Président …”. And then I remembered one of the big heroes from the days of my youth.

Boris Vian.
Again not a German (see also Kulturzwiebel).

I instantly started looking for him in “Cyberspace”. First I wanted to find the original of the “Déserteur”. Of course at Youtube. Well, it wasn’t there. All you get is the much-loved “GEMA window“.

But then I found it after all. First I found Johan Galtung singing Le déserteur by the great Boris Vian.

Years later we had a German singer: Wolf Biermann: Monsieur le Presidente.

If you want to find out more about the song, you will have to consult the French Wikipedia version. For Boris Vian, there is also a very interesting article  in German. Here is where you can find the texts: German und French.

For what it is worth, I will write a comment on the Gema and its Youtube locks. Sony, too, already complained.
🙂 Because it reduces the Sony turnover and thus is detrimental for business. Incidentally, the same is true for the business at Gema.
You see what this is: stubbornness and stupidity with a detrimental effect backfiring against the very institution that uses it.

But, cynically spoken, if you lock Boris Vian with Le déserteur, you might almost be considered in favour of war.
Woe to Germany and the German Gema.

Once again, I would like to bow before the civil courage displayed by Boris Vian!

(Translated by EG)

The song is from the year 1954!

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