What Annoys Me … #19 – The News On New Year’s Eve

Now, I am grumbling about the SZ!


A review of last year based on the SZ title page!

Well, today, there is an overkill of papers for me to read. Apart from the weekend SZ, tomorrow’s FAZ also arrived today (see my last article).

As a matter of facts, I am really quite annoyed. Being a conscientious person, I first read the SZ title page. That, too, makes me angry. That is true for both the titles and the content.

I will give you citations and comments on all the headlines of page one:

Very prominently positioned, right in the middle of the page:
More and More Doubts About the New Electoral Law
It seems like Karlsruhe starts doubting the system of overhang mandates. That is the only item of good news. But basically, there was never any doubt about this, was there? We often discussed the problem and always came to the conclusion that this reform of the Federal Government cannot be called democratic (just like quite a few more of the things this government did during the last year!).

And then I read the right column from top to bottom:

More Dead in Syria
Because hundreds of thousands of people protest against the Assad regime. Well, that is certainly bad news. Just a short time ago, the “West”  overturned the dictator in Libya. If that was right, then should we not now also liberate Syria? And Egypt? But the Saudis get weapons? Knowing full well that all those countries are on their way to some kind of Islamic Republic after the fashion of Iran. But at least that is an item of news that actually belongs on the front page.

Directly underneath:

Geerkens Arranged Bank Credits for Wulff 
So where is the surprise? The only question is whether our Federal President was just following or actively involved. I like neither alternative. If we are talking the office of Federal President, then a follower is just as little suited for it as an actively involved party.


Seehofer Wants Guttenberg Back.
Now that is really some exciting news. But frankly, it does not really come as a surprise to me. It fits perfectly with the image our State Prime Minister consistently generates of himself.

I look underneath that:

Austria’s Ski Jumpers Win in Oberstdorf

I could not care less about this nonsense. But perhaps others do not see it in the same way. Should we consider this article a national catastrophe or a tribute to Austria?

And right in the middle of the page, in huge letters, there are two more articles and their catch-phrases.


Golden Bridges
For employees, the holidays of 2012 are particularly well arranged. Well, that is quite possible. But what exactly is the value of this information? Or is this an exquisitely formulated warning that the year 2012 will be a real downer for our economy? After all, as Dr. Eilika Emmerich showed us in a nice way in her article,  the reason for the economically profitable year 2010 was the employee-friendly situation of the holidays. Maybe all entrepreneurs should be extra careful in 2012?

And at the very bottom, you can read

Teheran Announces Missile Test in the Persian Gulf
On reading this, even I get fearful. Mind you, I am not into conspiracy theories. I also do not believe that currently there is a lot of  warmongering going on, as some theories want to make me believe. But on this New Year’s Eve of 2011, the situation gives me pause. Did humanity still not learn from the past? Does the world already again head right into an upheaval? Will our Federal Armed Forces soon have to go to the Strait of Hormuz (Straße von Hormus)? So we will not have to pay even more for crude oil. Well, prices will climb, anyway. Because the Federal Armed Forces will be able to do as little about it as currently in Afghanistan.

After so much frustration, I will forego reading the leading article on the upper left.

Finally, let me wish you all a good start into the New Year. And may none of us suffer a crash-landing in 2012.

(Translated by EG)

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