There is no True Life in Wrong Life.

A very simple sentence. Only eight words. A friend of mine heard it as the motto of an event. She considered this sentence important enough to use in one of her own presentations:

There is no True Life in Wrong Life.

That is how the sentence found its way to me. It seemed to be special to me. Consequently, I looked up where it originated. And, surprise, surprise, I found out it is from Jürgen Habermas. Well, I remember the “Non-Hierarchical Discourse” (“Herrschaftsfreie Diskurs“) and many more concepts I find important.

I spent quite some time thinking about this sentence. Both in a resigned and positive way. And I found numerous interpretations. And then I came up with a variation:

In False Life, Too, True Life is Possible!

Logically, this sounds like a contradiction. But that is not how I feel about it. Rather, I think my sentence might well complement the sentence by Habermas.

My sentence makes it clear what a huge challenge it is to lead a true life.

But: is that not also true to the same extent for freedom? Don’t you need a strong will and immense effort in order to “live in freedom”?

Consequently, I found a new definition of freedom for myself:

A person is free if he or she manages to live a true life even in a wrong life.

I will add this definition to my  “Freedoms”.


(Translated by EG)

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