PM Camp: Now Also in Zürich (April, 25th to 26th)

I am delighted!

In 2011, we (Kornelia Hietmann, Dr. Eberhard Huber, Jens Hoffmann, Dr. Marcus Raitner, Dr. Stefan Hagen and yours truly) initiated the first barcamp for Project Management in Dornbirn.


In 2012, we had PM Camps in Dornbirn and in Vienna.

And in 2013, we had PM Camps in
Bad Homburg, Berlin, Dornbirn, Stuttgart and Vienna!

And now matters continue to improve, because in 2014, there will also be such events in Munich and Zürich! The time for Zürich has already been determined: the first 2014 PM Camp of the year will be held there between 26. April 25th and April, 26th, 2014! Tickets are already available – to buy them, just click here: Ticket-Kauf.

For those of you who do not yet know what a PM Camp is, here is some information:

PM Camp is a high-quality barcamp for project managers. Persons who are prepared to share their knowledge and who wish to learn from others will meet there. And, as a general rule, we are talking persons who are prepared to accept entrepreneurial and social responsibility.

PM Camp is neither a club nor an institution. There is a core team which currently consists of the following persons: Eileen Hörtreiter, Dr. Eberhard Huber, Dr. Marcus Raitner, Dr. Stefan Hagen and myself. You could say that we accept the “normative responsibility”. The local events are organized by “organizational teams”. Their representatives meet once a year for the PM Camp closed meeting. During this meeting, strategy, future and operative agenda for the PM Camp are coordinated.

PM Camp closely cooperates with openPM. openPM is an open platform for project managers and all those who work in projects. You could say that PM Camp is the “face2face” partner of openPM. PM Camp creates a free environment to make it possible for project managers to meet face to face and exchange ideas. During a PM Camp, the “normal” barcamp procedures are usually supplemented by impulse presentations.

For lots of interesting information, such as a review of past events, general principles and values of PM Camp, publicly voiced opinions and much more, click here: PM-Camp Dornbirn.

My friend Toni Maric, who is one of the initiators and member of the Zürich organizational team, looks forward to many registrations. I, too, very much intend to go to Zürich.


(Translated by EG)

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