Entrepreneur’s Diary #51 “The Top Manager and the People”

Friday, March, 18th, 2011 – once again, we are ahead of German time.

Yesterday, Thursday, was cancelled. Today is our first day at sea – not much to relate. Perhaps I will introduce the ship to you tomorrow.

Today, I will write something in my entrepreneur’s diary.
The Top Manager

He is good-looking and has a nice voice. He is always a little suntanned and his hairstyle is precise. He does not know the meaning of the word tired. He always appears smart and active. He has charisma, is excellently schooled in dialectics and a powerful addition to every debate. His aplomb always makes a good impression.
He is a man of the world. He knows all the important places on this planet and their specialties. He feels at home everywhere and is versed in the local conventions and customs. Travelling and jetlag are things he never complains about.

As a matter of course, he is fluent in English and speaks several more languages. He knows his own and several other sectors inside out, but he also knows about politics. He knows all the “musts” and “must-not’s”.
He graduated to be an MBA with brilliance. Numbers are something he will immediately grasp; he is absolutely competent with his tools. He can evaluate everything correctly and has a convincing explanation for everything. Business tactics are just as much a matter of course for him as smart talk.

The People

Both in business and in life, all depends on people. We are talking very ordinary and therefore not perfect people. People who have their personal and private goals, expectations, interests and needs. People who also have their pride and do not always behave entirely rational.
People who want to be left alone so they can do their job and who know exactly what is what. People who wish to work in a team and wish for the effort they make to be adequately appreciated.

The Top Manager and the People

A top manager will only gain leader status if he knows that there is more than just one (his) truth. He must know that people, at least today, cannot be led “functionally”, because the system would just break down. He must learn to listen to the people, understand them and come to terms with their needs.

If he can do that, his enterprise can develop sustainability.

Otherwise, our top manager will continue to be brilliant and find recognition among his peers. De facto, he will be lonelier than the people suffering under his regime.

(Translated by EG)

You can find all my “entrepreneur’s diary” articles in the “Drehscheibe“!

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