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Did you, too, watch the first round of the DFB cup this weekend? I followed it from Friday through Sunday, including the FC Bayern match at Erfurt – and, of course, it reminded me of the match 43 years ago. In those days, there were also some sensational – or almost sensational – results during the cup tournaments. Do you also remember? It was the 16th of January 1965, and the Swabians met SV Schalke 04 in the “Rosenaustadion”.

Of course, the boys with their national players and stars Hans Nowak, Friedel Rausch, Willi Schulz („Weltcup Willi“), Reinhold „Stan“ Libuda, Günther Herrmann or Willi Koslowski were expected to win. They were challenged by the Swabian “cracks” Georg „Schorsch“ Mögele, Josef Mayer, Alfred Beyerle, Ferdl Schneider, Georg Schmid, Werner Sterzik, Horst Blechinger, Harry Sieber, Wolfgang Koubek, Hans Aurnhammer – und Kurt Haseneder. He was the man of the match who shot four goals.

Before the “Schalke”- players had time to look over their shoulders, Haseneder had shot the Swabians to a lead of 2:0. Koslowski and Nowak managed to balance the score for their team. A penalty kick by Harry Sieber gave his team another lead, but Koslowski balanced in the 80th minute.

What happened after that was absolutely unbelievable and caused 20,000 spectators – it was bitterly cold, otherwise there would probably have been more – to shake their heads in wonderment and jubilee.

After two quick goals immediately after the overtime had started – in the 91st and 92nd minute, the “Schalke” players shot two goals – everything seemed set. But everybody had forgotten to include Haseneder in their calculations. He shot another two goals and managed to balance in the 103rd minute.

Unfortunately, this was still not good enough for the sensation. The experience of the “Schalke” players finally won over the fighting spirit of the Swabians. They had to accept a defeat by 5:7.

On this day, it was not “Schalke” who was winner (king) of the hearts – as they were called many years later after having failed to win the championship against the Bavarians – but “Schwaben Augsburg”. Our Kurtl had almost managed it all by himself.

Incidentally, many years later – at the time, the BCA and “Schwaben” had already merged and become FCA – a team of journalists played against the “oldies” of FCA. The journalists won quite surprisingly with 2:1. My direct opponent was – no other than Kurt Haseneder. And he did not score a singly goal!

(Translated by EG)

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